This weekend has been a BIG one for movie theaters, and it has solely belonged to Vin Diesel and his Furious family. The eighth installment in the ongoing Fast & Furious franchise is set to break a box office record, hauling in over $530 million across the globe. That’s more than Star Wars: The Force Awakens earned in it’s record-breaking debut over a year ago.
As the movie ended, and millions of people headed towards the exit doors, there was plenty happening on screen. Multiple conversations were going on simultaneously and characters were constantly popping on and off-screen. If you were busy trying to gather up your trash, or if this was the first Fast & Furious movie that your friends managed to drag you to, than you may have gotten a big lost there in the final scene.
Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything that was happening as Fate Of The Furious ended, and how it was setting up the next movie.
Dom’s Baby
As we learned in this movie, Dom had a baby with Elena. He only just found out, as she wanted to keep is a secret until he was back from his honeymoon with Letty. Elena may have been killed, but the baby was rescued by Deckard Shaw.
Now that everyone is back to their normal lives, Dominic has the beginnings of his own family. He and Letty talked about starting their own family earlier on in the film, and this is how they make that happen. The two of them will raise the child as their own, even though the baby isn’t Elena’s by birth.
In order to honor Paul Walker’s legacy – in a move every Fast & Furious fan saw from a quarter mile away – Dominic named his baby Brian. If you aren’t familiar with the films, but happened to see this one, you may not know where that came from.
Paul Walker’s character – who was featured in six of the previous Furious films – was named Brain O’Conner. He was the main character opposite Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto.
What Happened To The Villain
During the climax of Fate Of The Furious, the big villain managed to escape. Cipher, played by Charlize Theron, jumped out of her own plane before Shaw could take her down. While the good guys may have saved the day – and Dom’s baby – Cipher is still at large.
At the rooftop scene at the end of the movie, they explained what had happened to the character after she exited the plane. Coincidentally, this is how the franchise set up movie number nine.
Mr. Nobody came to see Hobbs and the team at dinner, and he informed everyone of Cipher’s whereabouts. He said that she was seen in Athens, Greece, and that they were investigating the situation further.
With that little nugget of information, it’s safe to say Charlize Theron will return to harm the team once again.
The Future Of The Team
With Brian and Mia off raising their family, there was sure to be a shake-up to Dom’s team in this movie. By the end, the future roster got a little bit clearer.
The big addition here is Deckard Shaw. While there were other new characters scattered throughout the film, this guy is the one who stuck around. Like Hobbs, he was first an enemy to the time. After being forced to work together, everyone started to accept that Shaw was now a part of the team. While no official announcement has been made regarding the actors returning for Furious 9, the chemistry Jason Statham had with the rest of the cast – The Rock in particular – won’t be wasted.