Aquaman might have power over the seas, but he won’t be the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms when his new movie debuts next year. At least, if we can take the word of actor Jason Momoa himself.
When Momoa took to Instagram to praise the talents of his Aquaman co-star Patrick Wilson, his words threw a wrench into the details we thought we know about the Atlantean’s first solo film venture.
In the post, Momoa referred to Wilson, his “real half brother,” as King Orm, casting doubt on the long-believed plotline that this iteration of Arthur Curry would be the ruler of Atlantis.
Wilson is playing Orm Marius, aka the villainous Ocean Master. He has typically been portrayed as a scheming attempted usurper of the crown, eventually becoming a tyrannical leader of the Atlanteans until ultimately being dethroned by his brother.
Nicole Kidman has reportedly been cast as Aquaman’s mother Atlanna, while Temuera Morrison is playing Thomas Curry in the new film. Previous synopses have posited Aquaman as the ruler of Atlantis being torn between two different cultures.
If Wilson is indeed playing King Orm, then that will put a wrinkle in the plans and would allow Curry more freedom to gallivant around with his fellow Justice League members.
Aquaman could also be the deposed King of Atlantis, or perhaps abandoned his post. Both of these positions would add interesting dynamics toward Aquaman’s interactions with family and friends in Atlantis.
Plus with knowledge of Dolph Lundgren’s recent casting, all of these details are shaping up to indicate that Aquaman will be an interesting epic.

Production of Aquaman is beginning to pick up steam, and the film is scheduled to release in theaters December 21, 2018.