Ever since Dwayne The Rock Johnson called an unnamed male co-star a candy ass on Facebook when production on Fate of the Furious was wrapping, everyone was buzzing about the behind-the-scenes drama.
Who was he talking about? Does he have a problem with Vin Diesel? The speculation was rampant, and only fueled by a bizarre Instagram video in which Diesel seemingly responded to the comments in vague terms.
Then the rumors reached a boiling point with observations that the Rock and Diesel were barely seen together in the promotional appearances leading up to the latest Fast and Furious movies release date.
Now that were just a week away from Fate of the Furious finally hitting theaters, the other participant in the rumored feud has finally commented on the perception of hatred between he and the Rock, further muddying the waters than adding clarity.
While speaking with USA Today, Diesel said everything is cool between the two superstars, and that he doesnt think the world really realizes how close we are, in a weird way.