Who knew the big red monster would eventually trade in his red mask for a suit and tie? You’re right, no one, but that is nothing compared to trading in the squared circle for the realm of politics. Thing is, that is exactly what it seems WWE superstar Kane (real name Glenn Jacobs) is about to do.
This is pretty cool. April 22, I’ll be sharing the stage with Rand Paul! https://t.co/nlGVlQJPui
— Glenn Jacobs (@GlennJacobsTN) April 2, 2017
Jacobs has been off of WWE television for more than a few months, and rumors surfaced that it was because he was gearing up for a Mayoral campaign in Knox County. That appears to be imminent as Jacobs revealed that he will be making a “special announcement” on April 11 at 2 pm (3 pm eastern) (via Wrestling News). His spokesman Bryan Hair said about the announcement “It’s going to be a fun-filled event.”
Kane isn’t the first to leave wrestling for a career in politics, a roster that includes names like Jesse Ventura (Minnesota Governor) Rhyno (Michigan House of Representatives), Rick Steiner (Cherokee County School Board Member), and others. It’s not unprecedented for someone from the entertainment industry to take office either, as Arnold Schwarzenegger took office in California and Ronald Regan eventually became President.
As for Kane, he is already getting into form, as if you look on his Twitter feed you can find tips for practical things like small businesses and announcements like his appearance at the Young Americans For Liberty Summit alongside Republican Rand Paul.
Since he’s been off of WWE television for so long (now going on six months), it’s unlikely that he will return before he gears up his campaign, and if he wins it might be some time before he ever makes a return. He was already toward the end of his run with the company, so it really is a perfect time to try something new.