Spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 7 finale follow.
The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere took out a pair of fan-favorite characters as Negan introduced himself to the group as a man who means business. Both Abraham and Glenn wound up meeting Lucille as their brains were bashed in before their friends and family.
Before the season would end, Abraham Ford would return to the series for the Season 7 finale as Sasha’s death neared and she remembered her last day with Abraham.
Naturally, Abraham’s return sent fans of the AMC series to Fantasyland, hoping to see Glenn return for a scene or twenty with Maggie. As it turns out, Fantasyland might actually be a reality.
In a recent chat with TVLine, showrunner Scott Gimple revealed that seeing Glenn actor Steven Yeun on The Walking Dead is “certainly possible.”
“I’d be silly to say it isn’t,” Gimple added.
Sasha’s death was largely expected by fans, especially those who read Robert Kirkman’s comics. The Abraham appearance only added to her sendoff. Maggie, on the other hand, will be sticking around for quite some time if the show continues to follow its source material as accurately as it has in recent years.
Maggie’s continued survival sparks the idea of seeing Glenn during a dream sequence, flashback, or other non-real time sequence the only hope for his return on a Sunday night. The first event that comes to mind is the birth of Glenn and Maggie’s child, which Gimple also won’t rule out, but says may be further away than fans are expecting.
“She might not be that close,” Gimple said. “Things have been moving pretty quickly, but not a lot of time has passed.”
There is no time limit on fans of The Walking Dead wishing to see their beloved Glenn, once more. Take your time, Gimple and company.