The Walking Dead has a history of following its comic book source material for major moments like brutally killing Glenn Rhee with Negan’s Lucille bat or delivering a zombified Sasha back to Alexandria. Sometimes, the nods to Robert Kirkman’s original efforts are more subtle.
In The Walking Dead’s Season 7 finale, not only was dialogue and an iconic death adapted to television, but a smaller detail was tossed into the mix as the Saviors and Scavengers head out to Alexandria for the most epic battle in the show’s history.
As Eugene stood at the gates of Alexandria, unveiling his true allegiance to Negan and the Saviors, there was a truck behind him with a nod to the artwork created by Charlie Adlard. The logo plastered on the side of the truck parked outside of Alexandria read, “Trust A Move.”
In the comics, a similar truck was seen at this point in the story, with the art of the logo being the same but instead of being called, “Trust A Move,” it was called, “Bust A Move.” There was a reason for the switch when adapting the small detail to television.
“In the book, it’s ‘Bust a Move,'” showrunner Scott Gimple pointed out to IndieWire. “We wanted to use ‘Bust a Move’ but we couldn’t, because between the time the book did it and we were able to do it on the show, I guess there’s actually a Bust a Move company now. We were really bummed, because we wanted to do it exactly like the book. But actually ‘Trust a Move’ might be a better name of the company.”