Having only one hand for over 100 issues of The Walking Dead comics has become one of many defining characteristics of Rick Grimes. The Governor cut it off at the wrist and, still, Rick managed to restore a certain order to the world and rally people in times of war, in addition to finding ways to survive in itself.
On AMC’s adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s comics, Rick still has both hands attached to his wrists. The live action take on the zombie apocalypse insists on constantly teasing Rick losing his hand (as recently as the Season 7 finale having Negan threaten to take both) while the honor has only ever been bestowed upon Michael Rooker’s Merle Dixon character.
Rick actor Andrew Lincoln has been a huge advocate for the iconic comic book moment to be realized on television, begging VFX guru Greg Nicotero to make it happen, but seven years in they still haven’t…
…and they’re not going to.