The final Sunday night with a new episode of The Walking Dead’s seventh season is upon us.
Episode 7×16 is titled, “The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life.” The official synopsis for the finale episode reads, “The stakes continue to grow higher as paths cross; The group enacts an intricate plan.”
Based on the previews for the coming episode, it’s safe to say that Negan and Rick will come face to face for a showdown. In Episode 7×15, Negan made Sasha and the audience aware that a “little birdie” told him Rick is up to no good. He is on his way to Alexandria to straighten this issue out. Given the expectations for Sasha to bow out, it seems like she might not be alone in a finale sendoff.
The Season 7 finale is directed by Greg Nicotero, who also helmed the Season 7 premiere, Episode 7×02, the midseason 7 premiere, and Episode 7×12. Nicotero is often tasked with emotional episodes which involve major character growths or endings. With the groups looking ready to unite for the first time against Negan and the Saviors, Sunday night’s episode might have a touch of both in the extended, 85-minute conclusion.
Who is in danger? Who is safe? On the following slides, we run through the characters who are in the most danger of being sent of with Season 7’s conclusion.
Rick- Danger. Rick has returned to form, best displayed by the negotiation scenes with Jadis. However, his scavenging run with Michonne served as a wake up call for both characters to realize this world is still very dangerous, especially when Negan is making a trip to Alexandria to punish his behavior.
Michonne- Safe. Michonne, at Rick’s side, is equipped with the necessary skills to survive a fight but, more importantly, the intellect to avoid one altogether. Walkers are hardly a threat to her, anymore.
Carl- Danger. Frequently allowing emotions to get the best of him, Carl could make a questionable choices as Negan heads to Alexandria with word of Rick’s bad behavior and put himself in danger.
Aaron- Danger. Aaron is one of the characters who survives the war with Negan in The Walking Dead comics but also fits the bill for a death swap which would shock us all. He continues to emerge as a vital component of Rick’s group which often spells trouble — ask Hershel or Abraham. He hasn’t shown signs of danger in some time but we’re keeping our eyes on him.
Father Gabriel- Safe. Gabriel has learned to step up in major ways, especially at the junkyard. For now, though, he knows his role is to keep a low profile and merely offer advice to those who seek it.
Tara- Safe. Tara is equipped with skills to survive and, now, Oceanside’s weapons. Their leader is not too fond of her right now but she is also not too relevant.
Rosita- Danger. Still bitter about Sasha getting into the Sanctuary, Rosita has a deathwish. With Negan showing up, a fight might ensue. Rosita will likely act before thinking it through and put herself at risk.
Jesus- Safe. Equipped with ninja-like skills, Jesus is ready to do battle and protect himself on a moment’s notice.
Gregory- Danger. Heading to the Sanctuary is a risky move, no matter how willing you are to grant their every wish.
Maggie- Safe. Continuing to emerge as the leader of the Hilltop, Maggie will continue to evolve and handle threats with ease, all the while playing a major role in the upcoming war with the Saviors. She’s not going anywhere, despite being hidden from the Saviors invasions of the Hilltop.
Daryl- Danger. The Saviors are actively hunting Daryl and are currently headed to Alexandria. If the Hilltop shows up here, Daryl will be a high priority target for the villains.
Ezekiel- Safe. Ready for battle, finally, King Ezekiel is still protected by the loyal soldiers around him and the best weapon of all: Carol.
Jerry- Safe. The comic relief of this series can’t go anywhere just yet. We just won’t allow it. Tensions are at a boil and he’ll have to swing that axe if he’s going to continue to survive.
Dianne- Danger. The Kingdom is going to war. The soldiers will be on the front lines.
Daniel- Danger.The Kingdom is going to war. The soldiers will be on the front lines.
Carol- Danger. Carol knows how to crash a party which sees her friend in danger but she has done it too many times in the past for us to rule her as safe this time around. Will she be a hero for Alexandria — or a sacrifice?
Dwight- Danger. Having revealed himself to Rick and the gang as a traitor, he will become the number one target of Rick’s if he is lying but, worse, he’ll be killed by Negan if he’s not.
Simon- Safe. Simon has taken charge of the Saviors’ factions which go out on runs without Negan. If he doesn’t start paying more attention to detail, he might run into trouble.
Negan- Danger. Unaware the Rick is heavily armed, Negan is heading to the Safe-Zone to dish out some punishment. He might be surprised by what he finds.
Sasha- Danger. Trapping herself in the Sanctuary was a horrible decision. She is armed only with a suicidal option and wish.
Eugene- Danger. Sasha’s arrival to the Sanctuary puts Eugene at risk of being revealed. Don’t forget, the character is not actually a scientist and Sasha knows this. If he has to make a tough decision, he might just make the wrong one. Returning to Alexandria will force him to reveal a true allegiance.
Jadis- Safe. No one can afford to threaten Jadis right now, except Negan who has not yet met her group. If she was Negan’s little birdie, however, Rick will do everything he can to kill the woman who betrayed him.
Morgan- Danger. Suicidal, crazy, and ready to kill anything and everything, Morgan is roaming the apocalypse on his own again on a mission to kill the Saviors (and just about anything else, for that matter). While he is equipped with survival skills, his unstable mind puts him at risk.