The best of friends can make the worst of enemies. In the finale of a clash that’s slowly been building for eight months, Kevin Owens vanquished his former best friend, Chris Jericho at WrestleMania to become the United States Champion.
As expected, Jericho and Owens put on a ‘Mania classic, with a series of counters that had the Orlando crowd on their feet, including Jericho countering Owens pop-up powerbomb into the codebreaker. Owens was able to get literally one finger on the rope to break up the three count.
After a back and forth battle, it was a powerbomb by Owens to Jericho on the ring apron that allowed KO to steal the title away from Y2J.
Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens were the best of friends and while Owens held the Universal Championship, he knew that Jericho had his back and vice versa. There were several moments when their friendship would be tested, but it seemed to be impenetrable.
During Chris Jericho’s Festival of Friendship, he wanted to showcase his dedication and admiration to his friend, but Kevin Owens wanted no part in it and saw Jericho as a weakness and attacked his former friend. At WWE Fastlane, Jericho helped Goldberg defeat Kevin Owens for the Universal Championship, which caused Owens to go after Jericho the following weeks and issue a challenge for his United States Championship.
The victory gives Owens his second United States Championship victory. As for Jericho, what else will the WWE legend want to accomplish before riding off into the sunset?