Dean Ambrose retained his Intercontinental Championship after taking a brutal beating from Baron Corbin. One year after making his main roster debut, Baron Corbin seemed to have the Intercontinental Championship within his grasps, but a Dirty Deeds from Ambrose stole the victory.
Many fans were unhappy to see the match on the ‘Mania pre-show considering the Intercontinental Championship has such a prestigious place in WrestleMania’s history with legendary matches with the likes of Randy Savage versus Ricky Steamboat and Razor Ramon with Shawn Michaels ladder match.
The feud between Corbin and Ambrose reached new heights after Corbin’s brutal attack on Ambrose a few weeks back on Smackdown involving a forklift, Ambrose retaliated in his usual lunatic style. Corbin’s hunt for Ambrose’s Intercontinental Championship culminated tonight where the two brutal men met in front of the Orlando crowd.
While the coronation for Corbin has been postponed, don’t expect this to be Corbin’s last attempt to take down the Lunatic Fringe.