The Beast reigns supreme again! The storybook return of Goldberg to the WWE has finally come crashing down. In a rematch of WrestleMania 20, Brock Lesnar has defeated Goldberg for the WWE Universal Championship.
The Beast was able to get the revenge he had been seeking after losing to Goldberg in under 2 minutes at last year’s Survivor Series. The WCW Legend promised that he and Lesnar would have a bloodbath, but it was Lesnar who began with three straight german suplexes to Goldberg.
Goldberg quickly retaliated with three spears, one that sent both men crashing through the barricade outside the ring.
Goldberg hit the Jackhammer, but unlike their match at Survivor Series, Lesnar kicked out bringing the Orlando crowd to their feet. Goldberg then attempted another spear but this time Lesnar leaped over him, sending the champ into the turnbuckle.
Lesnar then sent the champ on a one way trip to Suplex City with 7 more German suplexes. Finally, Lesnar hit Goldberg with an F-5 to become the Universal Champion for the very first time.
ANOTHER #F5 CONNECTS as @BrockLesnar FINALLY defeats @Goldberg to become #UniversalChampion! #WrestleMania #LesnarvsGoldberg
— WWE (@WWE) April 3, 2017
Say what you will about these two part timers headlining ‘Mania, but this had the big fight feel that only these two legendary behemoths can produce.
Lesnar will now go into the biggest RAW of the year holding the Universal Championship and Goldberg could possibly head off into the sunset.