The man who gave us the craziest moment of WrestleMania 32 may have done the same at WrestleMania 33 in Orlando. AJ Styles defeated Shane McMahon, but it was hanging with the most talented star on the roster and a missed shooting star press attempt by the 47 year old Shane O’ Mac that will likely stay with the WWE Universe.
Unlike many predicted, the match became more of a wrestling clinic than expected with Shane using many of his MMA techniques to wear down Styles, including the arm bar and triangle choke. Styles resort
After the referee went down, AJ went outside to grab trash cans to take the match in a direction we all assumed it might go. Shane countered and hit his classic coast to coast kick into the trashcan. For the second year in a row, Shane missed a leap to the outside table, but recovered enough to attempt the shooting star press inside the ring. After the miss, AJ connected with his phenomenal fourarm to pick up his first WrestleMania victory.
Shooting star press. #WrestleMania
— pwstream (@pwstream) April 2, 2017
While the feud seemed a bit illogical, AJ and Shane increased the intensity in the last few weeks with Styles sending McMahon threw a car window and Shane sending AJ crashing through a table.
Many in the WWE Universe were unhappy to see AJ being used in a Mania match with a part timer like Shane McMahon, who has only been used for last year’s WrestleMania and Survivor Series. Even still, AJ managed to put on another memorable performance with the Smackdown Commissioner.
While it may not go down as his greatest WWE match ever, it will definitely be a WrestleMania moment that won’t be soon forgotten. The victory gives AJ Styles his first ever WrestleMania victory as he lost his debut to Chris Jericho last year in Dallas.