The team at STAR Labs has built an impressive stable of allies to aid the Flash in his crusade to protect the people of Central City.
Some have come and gone over the show’s three seasons, and their impacts on the efforts have varied, but a few stand out above the rest.
As the show nears its third season finale and the upcoming battle with Savitar, can we expect to see any returning faces before Iris West meets her prophesized demise?
Producer and showrunner Andrew Kreisberg spoke about that possibility to EW recently, saying “We have a couple of recurring villains, one major recurring character [returning].”
Hmm, who could it possibly be? There are a few possibilities.
Robbie Amell played both the late Ronnie Raymond AKA Firestorm and his evil parallel universe counterpart from Earth Two, Deathstorm.
The actor was seen on set in recent weeks, hinting at shared scenes with both Danielle Panabaker’s Caitlin Frost and Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen. But despite these teases from over a month ago, nothing has really manifested from them. Was that just a red herring? That seems unlikely…
But there’s also the possibility of the return of John Wesley Shipp’s Jay Garrick.
The elder Flash took the place of Wally West after he and Barry rescued Kid Flash from Savitar’s prison. Garrick stayed behind, understanding that a speedster needed to remain—and sacrificing his own freedom for the other two.
With the final battle with Savitar rapidly approaching and both of these characters looming in the periphery, could we see the return of both Jay Garrick and Ronnie Raymond?
We’ll find out as the CW’s The Flash enters its endgame.
The show is currently on a short break but will return on Tuesday with an episode called “The Once And Future Flash,” airing at 8p EST.