One of The Walking Dead’s Kingdom residents made a huge life announcement on Twitter on Thursday.
Daniel Newman, who has appeared as Daniel in seasons six and seven, took to Twitter to come out to the public.
“‘m #OUTandPROUD #LGBT Love you guys,” the acotr tweeted. “Be proud to be yourself. We need everyone just the way you are! I’ll chat with you guys tonight”
He followed up the announcement with a YouTube video explaining why he wanted to go public with his sexuality.
Newman was doing community service at a youth center when a young woman approached him and thanked him for his support of the LGBT community, despite not being gay himself.
I’m #OUTandPROUD #LGBT Love you guys. Be proud to be yourself. We need everyone just the way you are! I’ll chat with you guys tonight
— Daniel Newmaη (@DanielNewman) March 30, 2017
He told the girl he actually was gay, and she asked him why he had never went public with the news. She explained that coming forward could do so much for others afraid to come out.
“It hit me like a gut punch,” Newman says in the video. “It felt like someone had knocked the wind out of me.”
He continued by sharing his story and urging others in similar positions to not be afraid of coming forward.
‘When you are accomplishing incredible things and you are hiding who you are, you are hurting hundreds of millions of people,” he says.
Upon the reveal, Newman’s Twitter feed exploded with admiration.
Walking Dead fans provided an outpouring of positive comments, with the actor sharing a ton of them. He also urged followers to use the hashtag #OUTandPROUD to share their support for the community
@DanielNewman That’s not gonna stop the ladies asking you to marry them Dan 😉
But good on you 👊, be the best you that you can be.
— InTheVoid (@SwirlingDarknes) March 31, 2017