The long-awaited IT trailer dropped just a couple days ago and the Internet has collectively agreed (for the most part) that it looks absolutely terrifying. Many users have weighed in saying that it has lived up to the hype so far.
We have broken the trailer down and even caught a couple fun nods, but nothing compares to how Twitter reacted to the trailer and the horrifying Pennywise.
Stephen King’s classic novel and made-for-TV movie has gotten what seems like a pretty solid upgrade. But don’t just take our word for it, make sure to click through all the hilarious responses to see what Twitter had to say…
@MauraZurick @ITMovieOfficial Me after watching just the trailer:
— Kelly Reardon (@KelTellsWeather) March 29, 2017
@ITMovieOfficial @MauraZurick WE. NEED. TO. SEE. IT.
— Kelly Reardon (@KelTellsWeather) March 29,
@KelTellsWeather @ITMovieOfficial YES!! ?
— Maura Zurick (@MauraZurick) March 29, 2017
@KelTellsWeather @ITMovieOfficial ? I hate clowns so this is going to be me the whole time
— Maura Zurick (@MauraZurick) March 29,
@KelTellsWeather @ITMovieOfficial side note: It is the reason I hate ? (even that emoji is creepy)
— Maura Zurick (@MauraZurick) March 29,
@ITMovieOfficial i’m sorry but I laughed
— mariela (@godfreylwt) March 29,
@ITMovieOfficial can’t wait for this!!
— Rich Voorhees (@RealRiot87) March 29, 2017
@ITMovieOfficial omg.. that ending….
— Wesley Damiani (@Wesley_Damiani) March 29, 2017