These days, Jason Momoa is a popular name amongst Hollywood as the actor is now part of one of the industry’s hottest franchises. Having been cast as Aquaman, Momoa stands to inherit every comic book fans dream of playing superhero in real-life, but the actor was not always so popular. The tides began to shift in Momoa’s favor after the actor was cast in HBO’s Game of Thrones, and now the star has revealed how the show helped him nab the role of Arthur Curry.
Recently, the actor spoke to Digital Trends about his work with Game of Thrones, and the actor said he was first introduced to director Zack Snyder because the man loves the drama.
“Zack Snyder is a huge fan of Game of Thrones and I met him in the training stunt facility that I train at and I guess he really liked me because he later called me into his office and we talked about playing Aquaman,” Momoa said. “He had a really cool vision for what he wanted to do and how he wanted me to look. It’s kind of Zack’s baby.”
Of course, the duo do have some work cut out for them. Aquaman is one of the few heroes who have a barebones cinematic history as opposed to icons like Superman, and Momoa said it was hard to make the hero contemporary to new audiences.
“Well, I think that’s really f**king hard…because I’m getting made fun of a little bit,” Momoa confessed. “But the cool thing with Aquaman is how it taps into the native culture and that’s something that we’re only taught a little about, so there’s a lot of interesting things.”
Continuing, the actor admitted, “It’s really cool. Zack is one of those perspectives on it and DC is really getting behind it. It was a ballsy step. They did it, and I’m extremely happy with the world they’ve created. It’s an honor to be part of this.”