The Spider-Man movie franchise is now back in full swing (pun), starting with the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming this summer. However, after Marvel relaunches Spider-Man within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there will be a strange fork in the road, with Sony establishing its own Spider-Man universe separate from the MCU.
An R-rated Venom movie will the first to launch this new Spider-Man Cinematic Universe, and there have been rumors swirling about who will direct it.
After initial erroneous reports that The Mummy reboot director Alex Kurtzman was taking the Venom director’s chair, we haven’t heard much about the issue. Now however, it’s being said that Dredd producer and “Bootleg Universe” mastermind Adi Shankar could land the job.
Splash Report’s Kellvin Chavez dropped the alleged scoop that Shankar is at the top of Sony’s shortlist of directors for Venom. It’s not that surprising of a choice, really, since most fans are aware that one of Shankar’s most popular (or infamous) superhero short films in his “Bootleg Universe” is Truth in Journalism, a unique take on Venom starring Trueblood’s Ryan Kwanten as psychotic journalist, Eddie Brock.
However, not everyone loved Truth In Journalism. Even though it wasn’t directed by Shankar himself (Joe Lynch was at the helm), a lot fans still see the short as being Shankar’s vision of the character, first and foremost. There’s also the fact that Shankar hasn’t directed a major blockbuster film before, meaning this would truly be an interesting choice, if it pans out.