While The Flash is reportedly nearing the end of production of its third season, star Grant Gustin has apparently landed a new role during the show’s upcoming hiatus.
Deadline is reporting that Gustin will have a role in The Last Full Measure, a political drama directed by Todd Robinson. Gustin will play William Pitsenbarger, an Air Force medic who saved the lives of over 60 Marines during the Vietnam War. The film will center around a group of lawyers and soldiers fighting to award Gustin’s character with a posthumous Medal of Honor.
Leading that group, interestingly enough, will be Marvel Cinematic Universe star Sebastian Stan. The actor, who is beloved amongst the nerd community for his portrayal as Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier, will star in the film as Pentagon investigator Scott Huffman. The cast also includes two other MCU stars – Samuel L. Jackson and William Hurt – who are known for playing Nick Fury and General Ross, respectively. Hurt will be playing a character named Tulley, while Jackson’s role in the film is currently unknown.
It’s unclear exactly how heavily Gustin will be involved in the film given his character’s significance, but given the fact that his character’s death is at the crux of the film’s story, don’t expect him to share the screen with Stan or Jackson. But still, the film provides an awesome cast of characters that fans of both Marvel and DC will enjoy.
The cast also includes Bradley Whitford and Christopher Plummer. Filming is set to begin this weekend in Atlanta and Costa Rica, but its safe to assume that the production won’t interfere with Gustin’s main job of finishing this season of The Flash.