In the trailer for the next episode of The Flash, The CW gave fans a glimpse into a dark, possible future — one in which Iris is dead, Wally is in a wheelchair, and there’s at least one version of Barry Allen wearing a different costume.
The costume seen features the lightning bolt belt and cuff design from the comics more prominently than the versions that have been utilized so far on the show — and in fact they’re so thick and metallic that they feel a bit reminiscent of the costume John Wesley Shipp wore in the 1990 version of the series.
Since the episode centers on Barry traveling to the future, and since fans have already seen a more comics-accurate version of the suit in headlines from the year 2024, it seems likely (although it’s hard to tell from the editing in the trailer) that the version of The Flash in the new suit is the older, despondent Barry who talks with “our” Barry periodically throughout the trailer.
The sight of Barry talking to his future self, and the wreckage of Team Flash in 2024, will likely open up some interesting storytelling doors for the rest of the season, especially among those fans who believe that a future version of either Barry or Wally might turn out to actually be Savitar.
Fans will have to wait a few weeks to see what’s next: “The Once And Future Flash” is going to air on April 25, four weeks from today. Supergirl, too, is on hiatus for that long, so CW/DC fans will have a little bit of downtime if they aren’t enjoying the DC’s Legends of Tomorrow finale and iZombie premiere in the next couple of weeks.