Tonight’s episode begins with a pair of security guards walking inside Stagg Industries discussing the business potentially being bought out. They run into Abra Kadabara, who phases them into a glass container and begins filling it with water to drown the guards.
Barry and Iris are at Jitters talking to Joe and Cecile about their new engagement when Cecile offers the pair tickets to Hamilton in July, when the newly-engaged couple realizes that’s when Savitar killed Iris in the future they’ve seen.
Barry, Joe, and Julian are called to Stagg Industries, where they find the two security guards who have drowned. While at the crime scene, they receive an alert that a robbery is in progress and Barry speeds off to find Abra Kadabra in the middle of a heist.
Abra Kadabra reveals he knows the true identity of The Flash and knows that he’s battling Savitar. He then begins to attack Barry as Gypsy vibes in and stops the attack.
Back at STAR Labs, Gypsy reveals that Abra Kadabra is a time traveling criminal from the 64th century. She reveals that he uses nanotechnology and disguises it as magic, as she’s found out from her time on Earth-19.
After a brief awkward moment between Cisco and Gypsy, when the former tries making another move, another alarm goes off with Kadabra making another heist. Barry and Wally speed over as Cisco and Gypsy vibe in. They try to stop the criminal and it’s revealed it’s actually a hologram.
The real Abra Kadabra shows up at STAR Labs and begins destroying the place as he’s in pursuit of a piece of technology he wants to steal. Barry races in and puts the criminal in handcuffs as the latter reveals that he knows the true identity of Savitar.
Barry knocks him out and Gypsy agrees to keep him on Earth-1 until Barry is done questioning him. Kadabra reveals that he knows the true identity of Savitar and says he won’t tell them unless he’s released, leaving the group with an ultimatum — let Iris die or release him from jail.
An upset Gypsy is confronted by Cisco, where she says that Kadabra has killed many people on Earth-19. Barry and Iris are at the apartment discussing what they should do with Kadabra — Barry wants to release him and find out Savitar’s identity while Iris thinks he should remain jailed.
At STAR Labs, Joe agrees to let Kadabra go in exchange for finding out Savitar’s true identity. Just about as Kadabra is about to make the reveal, Gypsy appears and Kadabra disappears. Joe, Caitlin, and Julian find Kadabra by the elevator and after using an explosive, the latter escapes.
The explosion leaves Caitlin injured, with several pieces of shrapnel close to impaling her kidney. The group decides they can’t take her to a hospital as she’d be identified a meta, so she claims that she’ll stay awake during an in-house surgery to walk Julian through the process of taking the shrapnel out of her abdomen.
Joe and Gypsy have a brief argument about the release of Kadabra, which Cisco overhears. Cisco approaches Gypsy about it, when Gypsy reveals she used to have a partner that Kadabra murdered.
Gypsy shares a theory with the group — Kadabra is stealing all of the technology needed to build a time machine so he can time travel back to the future.
Team Flash begins an epic chase sequence with Kadabra as he uses his time machine to begin opening wormholes across Central City in an attempt to get back to the 64th century. The chase ends when Barry leaps off a building and phases through the machine Kadabra is flying and phases both out. When on the ground, Gypsy arrests him to take him back to Earth-19.
Prior to their departure from Earth-1, Kadabra tells Barry that the two are still enemies in the future alongside Thawne, Zoom, and DeVoe. Gypsy then takes him to Earth-19 for his assumed execution.
Back in the medical bay at STAR Labs, Julian shares a moment in which he tells Caitlin how he’s proud of her for staying awake during surgery to help him heal her.
At Joe’s house, Barry tells Joe and Iris his plan for saving Iris. He’s going to run to the future to find the information he needs to take down Savitar.
Cisco brings Caitlin a cup of Jell-O when HR comes in and says he’s been with a lady named Rhonda. Caitlin then begins seizing and her vitals go off the charts. Cisco, HR, and Julian begin performing CPR. Their efforts to bring her back to life fail.
Then Julian comes up with the idea to pull the necklace off of her and her body begins healing herself. Her eyes open and she blasts them all away with snow — she’s Killer Frost.