This month, Sony Pictures has put fans of the Spider-Verse through their paces. Not only did a new trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming drop today, but the studio has announced its plans to pursue other spinoff projects. At the beginning of the month, fans learned that Sony had tapped a release date for a feature focusing on Venom. Shortly after, news broke that a film starring Black Cat and Silver Sable were also in the works. And, as expected, comic book fans were interested by the new developments.
Of course, fans have spent time asking whether these new films will be related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in any way. Right now, Spider-Man is set securely within the universe as Tom Holland debuted as the hero in Captain America: Civil War. Reports have suggested Venom and Black Cat would be kept out of the larger universe due to contractual issues, but fans still held hope to the contrary.
However, it looks like those wishes were in vain. In a recent interview with Fandango, the director of Spider-Man: Homecoming was asked if his film would be connected to Venom at all. Here is what Jon Watts had to say:
“It’s not. It’s not connected to the Marvel world, so that’s really intriguing… what that will be. I don’t know anything about it. It’s not connected, so there’s not that overlap. I’m only focused on my movie right now.”
Of course, fans are a bit heartbroken to hear Venom won’t have a place in the MCU. In the Marvel Universe, Venom is a keystone of the universe as the symbiotic parasite has gone through several incarnations. Word has it that the Venom film is looking to nab an R-rating and take on a horror, sci-fi aesthetic. The feature may even kick off Sony’s own cinematic universe along with Black Cat. So, for now, fans can only wait and see how Venom will do without Spider-Man there to temper his rage.