Warning: Potential spoilers ahead for the season seven finale of The Walking Dead! Only look if you want to know.
As the days go by, The Walking Dead’s season seven finale draws closer and closer. The war between Rick and Negan is coming to a head, and the episode promises to contain the epic action everyone has been waiting for.
Aside from some crazy action – and probably a major death or two – no one is sure what to expect from this finale. There are plenty of loose ends, and there are plenty of possible outcomes to many of the individual storylines.
However, Andrew Lincoln has finally given fans a glimpse into on potential scene from the finale. If this scene happens, you can bet that the season will end with audiences jumping up and down and cheering with excitement.
During an interview with LA Times, Lincoln was talking about the difficulties of filming this past season. After revealing how difficult many of the scenes were, a deal with Scott Gimple seemed to keep his spirits up.
“All through shooting the season, I kept telling Scott, ‘As long as you give me a Henry V-St. Crispin’s Day speech at some point in the future, I’ll take it.’ So that will be coming. There’s your spoiler.”
If you’re not familiar, Henry V gave the infamous St. Crispin’s Day speech in the classic Shakespeare play. Before leading the battered English army to war against France, Henry V addressed his men. The speech is regarded as one of the best in history, and it succeeded in breathing life, as well as hope, into the lives of every soldier on the battlefield.
If Rick is delivering this type of speech, it means war has arrived. It also means that Alexandria feels like they can finally defeat Negan. If this speech is delivered at the very end of the episode, there’s no doubt fans will leave season seven with a much different mood than they began it with.