Slushed zombies walk towards the camera on a beach.
Elsewhere, Daryl rides his bike alongside an Alexandria caravan. They pack boats and paddle out. Tara is heard telling Rick about Oceanside and their guns. Carl and Enid discuss the guilt the deal with from killing.
Barnacle covered walkers continue on the beach.
In the woods, Tara leads the group to Oceanside, as Rick is heard assuring her that she doesn’t have to feel guilty.
Walkers walk towards the screen and behind them is a sunken freighter.
The opening credits play.
At the Hilltop, Maggie teaches Eduardo a couple things about gardening. He needs help farming but she insists he doesn’t. Gregory listens in as Maggie leads.
In the woods, Rick helps Michonne into a tree. She asks what time the clock starts and he says, “As soon as she’s there.” They’re ready to go. Michonne climbs up on her own. Elsewhere, Daryl and Jesus prepare explosives. Aaron and Eric discuss the upcoming fight. Jesus saus he should’ve tried harder to stop Rosita and Sasha. Daryl claims Rosita is a good shot and they’re probably back at Hilltop already.
At the Sanctuary, Sasha is in Daryl’s cell. David opens the door and introduces himself. “I wonder if you remember me from last night,” he said. “Do you?” She doesn’t but he forgives her. “I was the guy that gave the rope to the guys that tied you up. I always keep some close. There’s just always some fun and interesting things you can do with rope. God, you’re pretty. If I give you some water, which is not something I’m supposed to do, will you do something for me? Something you’re not supposed to?” He has his hand on her shirt at this point and pulls on before leaning in and whispering, “Tell me how thirsty you are.” She tells him to go to hell and head butts him. David lays and laughs for am oment before rising, saying, “Fighting is just gonna make it last longer, which for the record is fine by me.” He starts taking his belt off until Negan bangs on the wall with Lucille.
“You were trying to rape this woman, weren’t you?” Negan said. “Rape is against the rules here. I wouldn’t want to be somewhere where it wasn’t! Where someone in charge let something like that fly…” He draws a gigantic knife from his belt and holds it to David. David apologizes. Negan stares sat him for a moment then drives the knife through his neck, rejecting his apology.
“Get Sasha here a new t-shirt,” Negan said. “I’m sorry you had to see that. Sorry about the rope, too. Probably over kill but you did cause one hell of a ruckus last night.” He remembers her. She was there when he killed Abraham and Glenn. “You got some beach ball sized lady nuts coming in here all kamikaze like that.” He asks if Rick put her up to this, to which she said, “Rick, your b—-, no.” He tells her this could be the beginning, holding up the bloody knife and putting it on the floor in front of her. It’s hers now. She can try to kill him but he has a baseball so that wouldn’t be smart. She could slit her wrists but he would understand that. She could do nothing and wait for David to eat her face. Or, she can use the blade to stop David from reanimating, and join the cause. He wants her to help run this place one day. He tells her the Saviors are not monsters before leaving her to sit with David and his pool of blood.
Later, Eugene enters Sasha’s cell with blankets and pillows. She asked what they did to him, to which he responds, “They’re keeping me safe.” Negan informed Eugene of his offer to Sasha and Eugene advises her to accept it as he did. He admits to once thinking he could be brave and survive like Abraham. “I know now that I was full tilt delusional. I have never in my life been as scared as I was that night in the woods,” Eugene said. He urges her to join the cause and says, “They would want you to,” before saying, “They wouldn’t. I do.” She tells him to go before noticing David is starting to come back. Eugene leaves and David’s fingers begin to move just before his eyes open.
Outside of the Hilltop, Maggie is planting. Gregory approaches her and she says she thought he didn’t venture outside the walls. He says those walls exist for a reason. He urges Maggie to start trusting him and ultimately admits she is right when saying they need to be more united working together. “It’s never too late to change, you know that?” Maggie said. She asks Gregory to stand by a moment and he does, drawing his knife to stay ready. He approaches her and thinks about killing her with it but realizes he is crazy for such a thought and tries to shake it off.
In the distance, a walker stumbles out of the woods. Maggie says she’ll get it but Gregory insists he can protect “the pregnant lady.” He rushes to kill it but gets scared when he is close to it and says, “Fine, do it.” Maggie goes to kill it and another walker catches Gregory by surprise. He cries out for help as it has fallen on top of him. Maggie puts it down, sprinkling its blood on Gregory’s face. He gets up, just as Hilltoppers walk by. “He hasn’t killed one before,” Maggie tells them. “He’s learning.”
The Oceanside community is thriving, cleaning fish and hanging laundry. The leader enters her house to find Tara waiting with a gun. She demands silence. “We should’ve just killed you in the village,” the leader said. Tara orders her to sit. Cyndie enters. She is insulted that Tara broke her promise. Tara tells them her group is going to take this place and they don’t want to shoot anyone. They need the guns to fight the Saviors but the leader is firmly against it. Tara insists they talk to Rick but there’s no interest. Cyndie wants to talk. Tara says the time is up.
Outside, there is an explosion. The community is sent running away while two rush to the arsenal. Michonne shoots at their feet to keep them away. Daryl orders they got on the ground. Jesus says, “Please.” Daryl waves to Michonne to let them know they’re good. She looks elsewhere with her rifle.
In the house, Tara is tackled. Cyndie draws a gun. Tara hands hers over and says it is empty. Natania points her gun at Tara and tells Tara to shut up. Father Gabriel and Carl catch the rest of the Oceanside group as they run away. Rick brings the rest up and says they want to wrap this up quickly so they can redirect any zombies that might be coming. He wants the guns.
Natania rushes up with a gun to Tara’s head. He asks her to put the gun down and talk. She orders her leave. Tara orders Michonne not to shoot. Rick insists she let go or die. They don’t want to fight and lose anything anymore. Tara insists, “We’re gonna win with your guns, with or without your help.” The group starts to think they should change their mind and fight but the leader does not. Michonne calls out that walkers are approaching. Cyndie knocks out her grandmother. Rick arms a couple members of the Oceanside community. As a group, they fight the herd which is covered in barnacles. Rick shakes hands with some of the Oceanside shoulders but Natania walks away and yells, “No, we’re not fighting them with you, so take your damn guns and go!”
At the Sanctuary, Negan enters Sasha’s cell and grins. He sees that Sasha put down David. He pulls the knife from David’s head and insists he doesn’t fully trust her yet. “A little birdy told me that Rick and the rest of your people are up to no good and, well, that needs to change and you’re gonna help me change it,” he said. “You’re gonna find us a win, win.” He tells her, “Tomorrow, is gonna be a big day!”
Gregory pours himself some tequila and throws it back. He pulls out a map of Virginia and calls Cal into the room. “I’m gonna need you to drive me somewhere, you’re gonna wanna pack a bag,” he said.
At the Sanctuary, Eugene talks to Sasha from outside her door. “I was wrong,” she said. “I can’t. I won’t. I’ve been sitting here, trying to figure out how I can live with what happened with our friends stil lout there, stil lgetting hurt by them, I don’t know how I can accept that. Now, I am trapped. You have to help me.” He insists he will help her. “I was ready, I knew if I didn’t kill him last night, it would be over, and I didn’t, so it is. It has to be. You have to get me something. A knife, a gun, a razor blade.” She insists that Negan will use her against their friends and she has to die. It’s the only way. “Please, Eugene, don’t let them use me to hurt our people.” She doesn’t care. She says has to die. “I will consider it,” Eugene said. She thanks him.
Back at Oceanside, Jesus walks out with a basket full of guns, along with the others. Father Gabriel questions whether or not they need all these guns and Rick insists they do. Tara says goodbye to Cyndie and thanks her for saving her life so many times. Tara says goodbye to Rachel with a middle finger. She tells Rick he is right and she doesn’t have to feel bad.
Sasha paces in her cell. Eugene thought about their last exchange. “I’ve decided to grant your request,” he said. “This will do it.” He slides the poison he made under her door. She sees it and starts crying. He points out that she has always been honest with him and for that he owed her. “For the record, I absolutely do not want you to go,” Eugene said.
Rick’s RV and Daryl’s bike arrive at Alexandria. Rosita opens the gate.
They quickly asks Rosita where Sasha is before she says, “There’s someone here.” In the jail cell Morgan bit, Dwight steps into light. Daryl tries to attack him but is held back by Rick. “He wants to help us,” Rosita said. “Is that true?” Rick asks. “Do you want to help?”
“I do,” Dwight said.
Rick draws his gun and tells Dwight, “Okay. Get on your knees.”