The Walking Dead cast must fantasize about how the series will end as much as the fans do, if more. Not only did Rick Grimes actor Andrew Lincoln share his idea for one of the most epic and hilarious finishes to the AMC series at PaleyFest, but Sasha Williams actor Sonequa Martin-Green chimed in with a theory.
After a fan asked the cast how the show would end if they were writing and directing the very last scenes, Martin-Green borrowed an idea which she credited to Larry King.
“How about last shot, last everything, whoever’s there, we get to the coast, you pan out, and you see all this ships blockading, in which you find out that it’s just America,” Martin-Green said.
The idea of having the zombie virus contained to the United States is one which would make fans lose their minds, especially if the exploration of the other parts of the world is going to make it to television. The crowd was largely blown away when Martin-Green concluded her sentence, sharing a similar reaction to most of the Internet after reading the “Old Man Carl” series ending theory.
Martin-Green and Larry King are likely out of luck, though. As cool of an ending as a quarantined America would be, The Walking Dead comics have explored other continents to reveal that zombies have taken land overseas, as well. In a canon to the comics series one-shot book called The Walking Dead: The Alien, Rick’s brother Jeff is seen in Barcelona attempting to escape a herd and head for the United States. Whether or not he makes it out of Europe alive was left up for interpretation when he narrowly made it on to a boat with a bite in his foot.
Still, no word on whether or not Jeff Grimes cut that foot off in time to survive.
However The Walking Dead ends, it definitely won’t be Rick Grimes’ coma dream. Kirkman has ruled out the theory in the past and did so once more during the show’s PaleyFest panel.