The CW’s “Arrowverse” has become a bonafide pop-culture fixation, bringing heroes like Green Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and all the misfit characters of the Legends of Tomorrow crew into the mainstream. The biggest benefit of the “Arrowverse” (or “Flarrowverse” as it’s also known), are the times when characters from one show get to crossover into another show.
Those fun times culminated this past fall with the big “Invasion!” (or Heroes v Aliens) crossover event. However, as fan pointed out, the “Invasion!” crossover wasn’t quite the ‘four-part epic event’ that Arrowverse producers (and many advertisements) had promised. In fact, it wasn’t even a true crossover between all four shows; Supergirl was just a “lead-in” teaser to the crossover storyline.
lucky enough to be at a recent press event held at The CW’s Burbank headquarters, where Arrowverse Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg teased an actual four-show Arrowverse crossover event to come, saying “Next year, we’re hoping to do a true four-way crossover.”
Kreisberg went on to describe how, in the case of “Invasion!”, Supergirl’s recent addition to the CW lineup prevented them from having the necessary scheduling time to incorporate all of the Supergirl actors into the other Arrowverse shows (“Supergirl’ was the show we needed to shut down the most, and it was the one we didn’t have any opportunity to,”) . Now that Supergirl is in the fold, and already set for season 3, Kreisberg says, “we’re building in those dark days — and actually more dark days on ‘Supergirl’ than the other shows — to make it a little easier.”
For those not in on the lingo, “dark days” refer to the production off days when Supergirl cast members can be freed up to appear in other shows. That means that next time around, the Flash, Arrow, and Legends gangs can meet Supergirl’s Alex, Guardian, Wynn, and Martian Manhunter properly – and not just in those “Fight Club 2.0” promos…