An occasional slip from a production team is not unheard of. The Walking Dead is no exception. Back in Season 6, a car drove past the scene which introduced the Saviors for one of the more memorable production mistakes.
However, the Internet may have found a major mistake from Sunday’s Episode 7×10 of the AMC series (New Best Friends).
When Rick climbed to the top of the junkyard’s giant heap of trash, the looked out at the vast piles of garbage and land beyond them with a smile. He had found his army which was more important to him than a potentially life threatening injury to his hand. The backdrop was added in by a green screen, another fact many fans were quick to call out online, but in the setting behind Rick there may have been a major mistake by the rules of The Walking Dead.
Fans think they saw a plane fly by, far beyond the reach of the junkyard’s estate.
Several fans took to Twitter to share their observations…
Was that a plane behind Rick’s head? Is it supposed to be there or is it a blooper? @WalkingDead_AMC
— Molly Ehret (@MollyEhret) February 20, 2017
Some even asked The Walking Dead and AMC’s Twitter accounts if they saw a plane fly by — with good reason, too, because if this was done intentionally, a plane in the world of The Walking Dead could lead to a major new plotline.
@WalkingDead_AMC What was that flying behind Rick in the latest episode? Looked like a plane to me.
— Jayf197233 (@jfreejr33) February 21, 2017
All of these things considered, chances are: it was not a plane. The dark object seen in the background behind Rick’s smiling face was most likely not a plane. Going back to watch the moment again, viewers will notice two other birds flying ahead of this object. If a plane flew through the shot, the production crew would have likely pulled from any of the ancillary b-roll footage of the junkyard which was replaced the green screen behind Andrew Lincoln.
Or, maybe it was Superman?