Most of The Walking Dead’s lingering mysteries have been resolved. We know where Father Gabriel went. We know who surrounded Rick’s group. We even know what Fat Joey was doing with the herd. However, we still don’t know who freed Daryl Dixon from his imprisonment at Negan’s Sanctuary.
Soon, that will change.
Speaking to one of the actors who plays a candidate to have freed Daryl from his cell, asked Paul “Jesus” Rovia actor Tom Payne whether or not it was his character who provided Daryl with a key. While Payne couldn’t spoil all of the fun of finding out who freed the little Dixon outright, he does promise that it will be revealed eventually.
“You’ll discover who helped Daryl come out, that will be explained,” Payne said.
Whether or not Jesus supplied the key to Daryl, his opinion of the character may have been altered in the following moments which saw Fat Joey dying by pipe to the head. However, the level-headed character isn’t about to hold anything against Daryl.
“I think that Fat Joey, that scene as we filmed was a bit longer, with me coming around the corner and we have a little bit more of a longer look and stuff ’cause its kind of a big moment,” Payne said. “It was a big moment for Daryl, obviously, and for Jesus to really see the pain and the suffering that he’s gone through, and how he took that out on another human being. It was kind of a tough moment. You see in the scene where everyone arrives back to the Hilltop and Jesus just hung back from that whole thing and just allowed everyone to have their moment with each other because he realized that it’s such a big ordeal that they’d all been through and what a big moment it was when they all get back together. He’s not a guy who’s gonna judge people too harshly. He just allows people whatever their journey is and whatever they need to get through it.”