WARNING: Spoiler ahead for the latest episode of The Walking Dead, ‘New Best Friends’!
Daryl is finally back to his normal self on The Walking Dead, and fans are enjoying seeing his bad-ass attitude that had been missing while he was locked away in the Sanctuary.
After his exchange with Morgan in The Kingdom, Daryl decided he couldn’t stick around any longer. As the episode ended, Daryl walked straight out of the gates.
Where is he going?
During that conversation by Shiva’s cage, Daryl actually revealed to Morgan where he was heading. He said he was going back to the Hilltop, and that he didn’t belong in The Kingdom any more.
Daryl knows that war is imminent, and he needs to make something happen if he wants to keep Carol and the others safe. By going to the Hilltop, he can try to rally some troops and bring the conflict to a head.
He could go back to Alexandria with Rick, but Daryl is smarter than that. He knows that going to Alexandria is too risky for everyone involved. If he is caught there, he’ll definitely die. So will more of his family, and he won’t let that happen.