It was a surreal night for all those who attended the WWE’s trip to Los Angeles. After the WWE RAW cameras stopped rolling, fans in the Staples Center were treated to something they probably never thought they’d see; The Rock, in the center of a WWE ring, leading fans in a CM Punk chant.
Rock cut a post-RAW promo and noted that the scene being filmed was based on Paige defeating AJ Lee for the WWE Divas Title. This led to fans chanting for CM Punk. Rock said Punk isn’t in the movie but if fans wanted Punk, he was going to call the former WWE Champion and let him hear it. Rock then tried to FaceTime Punk but had no luck. You can see the entire video here.
The Rock left the former WWE Champion a voicemail that said, “Hey Punk, it’s Rock, this is not a joke,” The Rock said. “I’m literally calling you from the middle of the Staples Center with about 15,000 strong. I hope you can hear this, again, this is not a rib. They are chanting your name!” The Rock then held the phone up to the crowd as they loudly chanted “CM Punk.”
Punk took to Twitter to respond to the WWE Universe and let them know why he didn’t answer.
I’m walking Larry. It’s his birthday.
— Coach (@CMPunk) February 21, 2017
Thanks Los Angeles. Nice to hear from you. @STAPLESCenter
— Coach (@CMPunk) February 21, 2017
This may seem like a small moment – one friend calling another and having a little fun in front of a live crowd – but considering CM Punk’s current adversarial relationship with the WWE, this type of moment can go along way towards healing the wounds. Despite anything Punk has said about the wrestling industry or their fans, the WWE Universe clearly still loves him.
Wrestling fans have been around long enough to know that in the WWE, the door for a return is always open, and when Punk is ready to walk back through it, they will be there to embrace him.
After getting handily defeated in his first MMA fight, Punk still has one more fight left on his UFC contract and Bellator has also expressed an interest in signing him. But last night’s call from The Rock may have been a huge step towards reminding to the former Best In The World that sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name.