Many fans of superhero films often clamor for recognition beyond the box office successes they’re wont to receive. Sure, money is one thing. But prestigious awards are another entirely!

And while editing, costumes, and effects awards are often granted to Marvel and DC-based flicks, the most prestigious honor bestowed upon a superhero film came when Heath Ledger was posthumously given the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role as the Joker in the Dark Knight.
But if Jimmy Kimmel had his way, we’d see a movie like Deadpool nominated for Best Picture.
The host of this year’s Academy Awards was recently profiled for Variety, where he revealed the Ryan Reynolds-starring superhero film was among his choices to be up for Best Picture of the Year.
“I would have liked to have seen Deadpool get nominated,” Kimmel said. “I do think there’s a certain type of movie that’s not considered for awards.”
This year’s nominees include indie darlings such as Moonlight and Manchester By The Sea.
“It’s a shame, because there’s nothing serious about the movies; they’re an escape,” Kimmel said. “I think comedies are also under appreciated. There’s maybe too much gravity applied to the nomination process.”
Maybe Kimmel’s criticisms will be heard, and maybe we’ll be seeing a movie based on an X-Man with sharp claws nominated for Best Picture next year.