The Walking Dead has been following its comic book source material more closely than ever before with its seventh season. For Spencer and Glenn, this has been an unfortunate truth. It looks like it will turn out to be the case for another core character who calls Alexandria home before Season 7 comes to a close.
Potentially major spoilers for the coming episodes of The Walking Dead follow! You’ve been warned.
If The Walking Dead continues to follow its source material heading into the All Out War story line, Abraham’s ex-girlfriend is a likely candidate to bow out early. In the comics, Abraham left Rosita for a woman named Holly.
we’re going to explore what this means for the coming episodes of The Walking Dead and how a certain character’s death has already been teased.
The character in question in Sasha.
In recent episodes of The Walking Dead, Sasha has expressed a willingness to sacrifice herself while seeking revenge for her slaughtered man Abraham Ford.
Not only has Sonequa Martin-Green taken the leading role in the upcoming Star Trek series, which may or may not effect her gig on AMC, but the character is showing several shades of the comic book counterpart whose role she is fitting comfortably. If the opportunity presents itself, Sasha will sacrifice herself to get revenge against the Saviors and if the comics have anything to say about it, they will…
Holly’s Sacrifice
Shortly after Abraham was killed in The Walking Dead comics, Rick Grimes makes a move which would be sacrificing himself in an effort to take down some of the barricades outside of Negan’s Sanctuary.
Just as Rick is about to plunge a school bus into Negan’s walls, Holly physically forces him out of the driver’s seat and bus completely. She takes control and drives straight in. She doesn’t die but is, instead, caught be Negan and taken hostage.
A move like Holly’s from the comics would be completely in character for Sasha on television. Ultimately, Holly is returned to Alexandria with a bag on her head, having been killed somewhere along the way and reanimating as a zombie, becoming a weapon for Negan.
This has very clearly already been teased on the show in one specific way…
The School Bus
The school bus which Holly used to plunge into the Sanctuary may have already been introduced on The Walking Dead TV series.
The Kingdom is filled with school buses. We have seen them in several scenes. The choice to litter the new community with such a specific set piece might be an indication the AMC series will, once again, follow the comics. That said, it may all be in place to mislead fans who expect to see comic book storylines realized on television.