AMC has provided with an exclusive clip from Sunday’s new episode of The Walking Dead.
In the new clip from Episode 7×10, Richard of the Kingdom offers Daryl Dixon a crossbow. It’s the first time Daryl has brandished his iconic weapon since Dwight stole it from him early in Season 6. It’s the reunion fans have been waiting for, though it’s not quite Carol and Daryl seeing each other once again (something many hope to see in this same episode).
More importantly, though, Richard tells Daryl he is practicing with a bow because he is “going to have to start using this more” because “the Saviors are smart enough to know [he] shouldn’t have a gun around them.” Richard has made tensions flare during previous encounters with Negan’s men, so for them to order him to show up unarmed would not be unexpected. That said, his bow and arrow skills clearly need a little work if it is going to be his weapon of choice during the inevitable war ahead.
Clearly, Richard is eager to get the war started. Before this new clip comes to an end, he tells Daryl, “We want the same things. I need your help.” We know Daryl is also on board with blowing up the Sanctuary, so we will have to see what type of trouble these two can cook up when this episode airs on Sunday night.
Episode 7×10 of The Walking Dead is called New Best Friends. The official synopsis for New Best Friends reads, “While searching for a missing Alexandrian, Rick and his group encounter a mysterious collective.” The episode is scheduled to run slightly past its typical 10 pm ET end point, with an additional 6 minutes being added to its broadcast slot.