The Walking Dead came back to television on Sunday night with a well-received episode called Rock in the Road.
While the episode was widely beloved by fans of the AMC series, it wasn’t perfect. That’s not because Daryl and Carol didn’t reunite but there was actually a couple of tiny filmmaking mistakes packed into the episode. In 2017, you have to be pretty spot-on to get any slips past the eagle-eyed Twitter-sphere and Reddit threads.
Both of the mistakes we’re about to take a look at from the midseason finale and premiere episodes spawned from fans of The Walking Dead who took their observations to the Internet.
Warning: You can’t un-see them. Ever.
Watch the bit above as many times as it takes to notice the literal slip before it’s pointed out for you. It will be that much more enjoyable.
This moment comes from the midseason finale which finally saw Rick Grimes reuniting with Daryl, Maggie and his gun.
On the way to the front door, poor Sonequa Martin-Green must have found a little hole in the ground on the zombie drama’s set. It looks like she about broke her ankle trying to remain in stride with the rest of the gang. Sorry, Sasha.