The brand split has had quite the effect on some of WWE’s biggest annual events, and that ripple will be felt in 2017 even more.
Smackdown Live’s latest event took place at this past Sunday’s Elimination Chamber, and the upcoming Fastlane will, in turn, be a Monday Night RAW event. That cycle will continue post-WrestleMania, and next of the big four has been announced as a Smackdown Live brand pay-per-view (via WWE).
That will be the June 18th Money In The Bank, which will take place in St. Louis this year. That means unless some other announcements are made that the winner of the Money In The Bank match will be able to cash in specifically for Smackdown’s championship belt. At this point in time that remains the WWE Heavyweight Championship Belt, which Bray Wyatt won at Elimination Chamber from John Cena, but by the time Money In The Bank rolls around, that could very well not be the case.
Perhaps a better alternative would have been to have the Money In The Bank winner act as a free agent between the brands. That way he could compete and cash in for whatever belt he chose regardless of the brand. It might have been a cool way to inject a wild card into the Championship proceedings.