Were you a fan of the Warcraft movie?
Holding out hope for a sequel?
Well, keep hoping. And maybe buy a few thousand copies on DVD. Because according to the filmmaker, there aren’t plans to make a sequel on the docket… yet.
When asked point blank whether Warcraft 2 was in the works on Twitter, director Duncan Jones responded in the negative, albeit rather positively.
.@WellMax81 Id love it to happen! Waiting to hear from @Legendary
— Duncan Jones (@ManMadeMoon) February 9, 2017
Warcraft didn’t do too well domestically, but made around $436 million in its global haul.
However, the video game adaptation had a $160 million budget and needed to bring in around $450 million to break even, according to the Hollywood Reporter.
Despite the Blizzard property’s titanic popularity and the film’s great performance in China, it failed to resonate with many fans elsewhere.
To hear Jones is still holding out hope to make a sequel is encouraging. The film, starring Ben Foster, Dominic Cooper, Toby Kebbel, and Ruth Negga, did enough world building to sustain a franchise, but whether the interest is there is what Legendary needs to know before they pursue another film.
The video game curse continues, apparently.
Warcraft is now out on Blu-Ray and Digital HD.