The Walking Dead continues to raise the stakes as he plows through its seventh season. What started as one of the most brutal and devastating seasons with Glenn and Abraham being murdered before the world’s eyes might end on high note as Rick rallies communities to fight Negan.
Various cast and crew members have weighed in on the exciting scope of the Season 7 finale which won’t air for another eight weeks. Among them, now, is Aaron actor Ross Marquand. caught up with Marquand aboard the 2017 Walker Stalker Cruise to hear his perspective on the sure-to-be epic Season 7 finale.
“Oh, god, it was insane,” Marquand said. “That was the most ambitious episode I’ve ever been a part of. I think Greg [Nicotero] can tell you better but I think it was the most ambitious sets we’ve ever done in size and scope and what we were attacking that way. It was insane. Pretty cool.”
All of these things are reminiscent of the group being trapped at Terminus which turned out to be one of the most epic action sequences in the show’s history. If Negan and Rick go to war before the season comes to a close, more than a few sparks will fly to make Marquand and Lincoln’s sentiments more than welcome.