When discussing finales of The Walking Dead, fans of the AMC series have become accustomed to discussing which characters they expect will die. With Season 7, the expectations are a bit altered.
This time around, fans are hoping to finally see Rick and his group rise up to take on Negan for their first victory against the Saviors. The hype for the finale has begun to build, now. Andrew Lincoln loves a specific moment in it so much that he put down his script just to dance. Norman Reedus loved seeing the scene being shot so much that he accidentally ran into the frame before Greg Nicotero could yell Cut!”
“Rick’s swagger is back and he’s reclaimed his mojo,” Lincoln said. “He’s getting his strut back. That was exciting, but also, as you said before, there’s a palpable sense that the world is a lot bigger and he has to change as a man and as a leader as a result.”
“It’s very much driving towards a very exciting end point in this season, and all I will say is that normally we’re shooting and it is a very painful, too, for a lot of reasons. Leaving great friends and being apart from one another a lot. A lot of the core cast was separated, but what I will say is that there is more energy and more excitement and enthusiasm and build and build and action than we’ve ever had at the end of this season. I’ve never seen the crew and cast be more ready to continue telling the story.”