Captain Marvel’s prominence has steadily increased since the character Carol Danvers took on the mantle, rising through the ranks as one of Marvel’s premier superheroes and scheduled to be their first headlining female superhero film.
Marvel Studios screenwriter Nicole Perlman recently spoke about the importance and pressure of getting the character’s onscreen portrayal right, and now the actor set to play Captain Marvel has also weighed in.
Speaking with Total Film, Brie Larson stressed the character’s importance and her own desire to do right by not just Danvers, but the fans as well.
When asked about portraying the first female Marvel superhero to lead a movie, she said she feels “a great responsibility.”
“I have so many conversations with fans about the universe and this character in particular,” Larson said. “I’m grateful for social media for that, actually—it’s such a great way to connect with people, to understand what it is they love about this character, what it is they hope to see.”
Pre-production on Captain Marvel has yet to begin, as Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige continue their search for a director, but Larson certainly understands the expectations.
“Where this character’s at in the comic books is such an inspiring space, right now,” Larson said. “I’m so grateful to be part of it.”
Let’s just hope she skips the comic where Captain Marvel punches Iron Man into a coma.