If you’re hoping to see a love interest for Daryl Dixon, you’re probably out of luck. However, there might be another epic relationship forming for the little Dixon brother when The Walking Dead returns for its next eight episodes and beyond.
During a poolside panel aboard the 2017 Walker Stalker Cruise, executive producer Greg Nicotero was joined by Negan and Daryl actors Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Norman Reedus. Once all of the “Will you marry me, Norman?” questions were out of the way, one fan took the microphone to ask if a love interest for Daryl Dixon was a possibility in the near future.
Nicotero took the lead on answering, taking the response in a surprising but extremely exciting direction.
“The advantage of The Walking Dead and our Daryl Dixon is, since Season 2, Norman’s like, ‘I want a dog! I really want a dog!'” Nicotero said. “He wants a pet. There is a four-legged animal that has been introduced in The Walking Dead.”
Of course, Nicotero is referencing King Ezekiel’s pet tiger Shiva who Daryl is expected to meet in the midseason 7 premiere this weekend. Before Nicotero could say anything too spoiler-y, Reedus chimed in for a joke. “I have sex with that tiger!” Reedus said to an enormous applause before Nicotero got back on track.
“As we all know, Daryl’s sort of sensitivity, that I would believe that that could happen,” Nicotero said.
As for the love interest, fans hoping to see Daryl share his pillow with another character any time soon might be a bit disappointed as it doesn’t sound like there are any immediate plans.
“In terms of your availability for a love interest, we’ll check on that,” Nicotero said.