AMC has released a new featurette which showcases all of the new worlds introduced half way through The Walking Dead’s seventh season.
Throughout the video, showrunner Scott Gimple describes the various communities which have come along and highlights the many ways in which they are very different.
“We saw how it got bigger,” Gimple said of the world. “The Saviors are the spoke to all of these different communities and people either react or are effected by them.”
The standout community of Season 7’s first half was the Kingdom despite only being featured in one episode. King Ezekiel and his unconventional style of leadership have created one of the most impressive communities on the AMC series. “Perhaps one of the most positive thriving communities that we’ve seen on the show,” Gimple calls it. “They raise their own food and have music and they have art and a certain sense of family there.”
In the other hand, you have Alexandria, who have really taken a beating. “With Alexandria, they’re really under the Saviors thumbs,” Gimple said.
“The different leaders of the communities have very different styles,” Gimple said. “Negan has managed to accrue an incredible fighting force through very hard-nosed and brutal tactics.”
The official synopsis for the back half of The Walking Dead Season 7 reads…
Rick’s group will find out yet again that the world isn’t what they thought it was. It’s much bigger than anything they’ve seen so far. While they have a singular purpose – to defeat Negan – it won’t come easy. More importantly, victory will require more than Alexandria. They need the numbers of the Kingdom and the Hilltop, but, similar to how Rick felt, Ezekiel (Khary Payton) and Gregory (Xander Berkeley) do not want bloodshed. To convince them otherwise will take more than speeches. The lengths Rick and the group will have to go to in order to find weapons, food and new fighters is nothing short of remarkable.
We’ll meet new survivors in incredible places. We’ll see Rick and the group tested in ways we’ve never seen before. We’ll see treachery from people we trust. Rick is confident as he will see his group and many others band together with the common goal of taking down Negan. But no amount of planning will prepare the group for all-out war with Negan and his army.