With Ben Affleck stepping down as director of The Batman, Warner Bros. is looking to quickly fill the open position.
Names like George Miller, Matt Reeves, and a few others have been tossed around in regards to the role, but some fans think that the perfect replacement is much closer to home.
Zack Snyder helped begin the DCEU by bringing Man Of Steel to life. He stayed in the lead chair over the past few years by helming Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, and the upcoming Justice League film.
While some fans have always appreciated Snyder’s style, many have spoken out against his work with DC properties. Both audiences and critics have previously called for the director to leave the franchise after Justice League.
Not everyone shares this opinion – in fact a group of fans feels exactly the opposite. A petition was started online to have Zack Snyder appointed as the new director of The Batman.
The creator of this petition lays out a long list of reasons why Snyder should be given the job, but they end the list with this statement:
“Really, it’s a no-brainer. Zack Snyder’s commitment to source material, extraordinary visual style, and previous experience in the DCEU makes him the ideal candidate, especially when you factor in the influence Ben Affleck is still going to have on the film’s story and dialogue. The two working together just might make the best comic book film we’ve seen yet.”