This episode starts off with Barry seeing the vision of Savitar killing Iris. Turns out it’s a nightmare Barry has while sleeping as he and Iris are in bed. Barry tells her to go back to sleep but Iris presses him to talk about it. They seem to be quite intimate.
Their phones ring and get an alert that a fire is in progress. Iris mentions that Wally is going to beat Barry to the scene.
Barry speeds off and gets to the scene and he and Wally meet and find out that the fire is trapped in a room. Barry realizes that the fire will expand if they open up the door so Bary creates a vortex to suck the fire out a window and go in to save every.
Wally and Barry head back to STAR Labs and Wally mentions something about “kicking ass.” Cisco overhears him and gets a bit snippy about how being superheroes aren’t about kicking ass.
While at STAR Labs, Caitlin makes mention to Cisco that her wristbands aren’t working and keep dying.
We see Wally walk into the police department and the gentleman they saved from the fire earlier is talking to a police detective about how the Kid Flash seems to be slower The Flash. Wally overhears everything and shows a frown on his face.
Back at STAR Labs, Wells gives the group a tour of the museum he’s creating and shows the group that he’s made a hologram of Cisco to use as a tour guide.
Caitlin goes to visit Julian at the police station and asks for his help with getting rid of her powers saying she needs to get rid of her powers “before she hurts someone else.” Her wristbands start beeping and she runs out into the hallway as we see her eyes turn white, as they’ve done in the fast while she was Killer Frost. She plugs in her wristband to a power source, hinting that her powers might be uncontrollable if the wristbands are dead.
Back at Barry and Iris’, Barry surprises her by unpacking some of their goods and Iris approaches him again about nightmares he’s been having. Barry’s phone starts sending an alert and it’s a robbery in progress. As Barry gets to the jewelry store, he finds out it’s being robbed by Jared Morillo.
At STAR Labs, Team Flash gathers to discuss the new robber who escaped on a motorcycle. Barry has a quick flashback to the previous timeline where the news reports are talking about Morillo and he connects the two that Morillo is now in this current timeline due to Flashpoint.
Caitlin finds her way back to the police department where we see her consoling a down Julian about the actions he did under Savitar’s sway. Caitlin suggests he joins Team Flash at STAR Labs and Julian declines.
Barry approaches Wells back at Team Flash HQ and asks him whether he believes in a fixed future or an ever-changing future. Wells tells Barry he thinks the future is always fixed with Cisco chimes in and says another robbery is in progress.
Barry Rushes and finds Morillo in the middle of another robbery. Morillo seems to have special bullets that are able to case Barry and he eventually evades them only to see Wally show up and take Morillo under control. While a bystander is recording a video, Wally looks into the camera and introduces himself as Kid Flash.
The Flash and Kid Flash return to STAR Labs and the atmosphere is jovial. Everyone is high fiving, hugging, and congratulating Wally on stopping Morillo but Barry dampers the mood as he reminds Wally that he’s supposed to be shadowing. On his way out, Joe tells Barry that “Whatever the reason you have for ragging on Wally, please get over it.”
We go upstairs to the grand opening of the STAR Labs Museum and no one has shown up. A couple walks in and Wells tries getting admittance fees out of them and as the Cisco hologram starts faulting out, the couple rushes out of the museum. Julian then walks in and says he accepts Caitlin’s offer to join Team Flash.
Barry, Caitlin, Wally, iris, and Cisco are seen downstairs having a private conversation about the ramifications of Julian joining Team Flash and Caitlin reminds the group the Julian hasn’t revealed Barry’s role as The Flash yet. Barry takes Iris into the secret room the Reverse Flash kept and shows Iris the newspaper he always checks to see if the future changes.
Bary reveals what he’s been having nightmares about: the possible future where Savitar murders Iris. Iris reminds Barry that he threw the Philosopher’s Stone into the Speed Force and there’s a general uneasy feeling in the room. Barry reassures Iris that she’s safe, even going to the length of saying that he bets on his parent’s lives that he’ll protect her.
Barry and Iris share the future in which the latter is murdered with Wally, Cisco, Caitlin, and Wells and they agree that they won’t tell Joe West for the immediate future.
Wells uses Cisco’s dominos to use an analogy with the group.
“Imagine each domino is a moment in time, each domino hits the next leading to the inevitable future,” Wells said. “You could conceivably change the future where you end up, but you have to be careful about which events you alter.”
Cisco decides to vibe Barry into the future and the two walk through time the future together and tell the rest of the group what they’re seeing, including various TV headlines and reports.
Also in the future – Wells has a rifle pointed at Savitar. The last time Barry was in the future, Wells wasn’t there so that tells the group that the future has already changed. Cisco and Barry leave the vibe and Wally speeds in to tell Barry that Plunder has escaped.
Barry thinks back to his future to see what store Plunder will hit up next. Barry tells Wally to suit up and the latter is hesitant after the brief outburst Barry previously had. Barry apologizes and the two suit up and race off the stop Morillo from his next heist.
As Wally confronts Morillo, he gets shot with a blaster shot and stops to take a breather. After a brief word of encouragement from Barry, Wally decides the two should further the pursuit with Morillo. While in pursuit, Morillo fires all sorts of futuristic gadgets towards the speedsters including a hologram wall. The two stop Morillo and handcuff him as an crowd approaches chanting Kid Flash’s name.
Team Flash is back at STAR Labs watching a news report about the arrest of Morillo. Barry looks to the group and acknowledges that if they can fix one future, they can fix them all.
The team heads upstairs to see a large crowd in the museum and we find a perfectly working Cisco tour-hologram. Cisco pats Wells on the back and we find out that even after his initial hesitation on the hologram, Cisco went on to fix all of the kinks.
The closing scene finds us back at Barry and Iris’ as the two have a house-warming party with the rest of Team Flash. Julian ends up showing up with a bottle of wine and the team informs him that they’ve decided that he can join the team.
Barry goes on to apologize to Joe in regards his actions towards Wally the previous day as Julian and Cisco surprise Caitlin with a power-stopping necklace. Wells gives a toast to Barry and Iris and the episode closes as we see Gypsy travel through a portal and look at a pocket-size hologram of Wells.