The Walking Dead’s cast has become some of the best known faces on television. It wasn’t always that way, though.
Prior to becoming the toughest survivors of the zombie apocalypse, the majority of the cast of The Walking Dead had only nailed roles which left viewers thinking, “Hey, they were in that one movie!” Chances are, though, you had seen a lot of the cast before.
On the following slides, we run through some of the places you may have seen the cast of The Walking Dead before the AMC series made them global icons.
Andrew Lincoln
Prior to becoming the leading man in the zombie apocalypse, Andrew Lincoln was best known for his role in Love Actually.
Lincoln’s resume extends to largely unknown roles in movies like Heartbreaker, Gangster No. 1, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, and Human Traffic. In fact, the actor has over 40 credits to his name according to his IMDb profile. However, aside from Mark in Love Actually and The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes, Lincoln’s other best known work came from the popular BBC show This Life.
Now, it’s hard to imagine anyone else facing off against Negan.
Norman Reedus
Norman Reedus found a good bit of fame prior to becoming one of The Walking Dead’s most popular characters. However, much of his fame came in the late 90’s.
Reedus starred alongside Sean Patrick Flanery in the Boondock Saints film which became a cult phenomenon, playing one of the Murphy McManus, a vigilante in the New York streets delivering harsh justice to criminals. He reprised the role in 2009 but the sequel did not quite live up to the original. In 2002, Reedus took on the role of Scud in Blud II.
Reedus also had a brief modeling career, working for Prada in 90’s.
Melissa McBride
It may be tough to imagine The Walking Dead’s Carol with a full head of long hair but prior to surviving the apocalypse, Melissa McBride was rocking it.
The actress played a small role in Dawson’s Creek, shown in the picture below, but also had roles in The Mist, Pirates of Silicon Valley, and The Dangers Lives of Alter Boys. She even had a part in Walker, Texas Ranger for a couple of episodes.
Steven Yeun
Steven Yeun was one of very few cast members from The Walking Dead to be featured in the series premiere, if only his voice through a tank’s radio.
Prior to becoming pizza boy zombie killer Glenn Rhee, Yeun was best known for an appearance on the popular CBS series The Big Bang Theory. He does, however, have a slew of credits to his name. He voiced a few characters in video games Crysis and Warhead, as well as played parts in Law & Order: LA, Lemmons, and The Legend of Korra.
R.I.P. Glenn.