How are your New Years Resolutions working out? Because the Big Show is absolutely crushing his. With a Wrestlemania 33 match lined up with Shaquille O’Neal (one that is getting surprisingly little press), the Big Show is in the best shape of his life.
Hey @Shaq…glad your training!!
Because so am I! #GiantAbs #WrestleMania
— Big Show (@WWETheBigShow) January 15, 2017
Show didn’t start training after the New Years, though. He’s been gearing up for Wrestlemania season for a while.
Holiday rest? Ha! It’s almost @WrestleMania season. You ready @Shaq? #GiantInTheGym
— Big Show (@WWETheBigShow) December 26, 2016
The Big Show turns 45 in February and while it’s likely his legendary career is winding down, it’s great to see him in such good health. The world’s largest athlete had ballooned up to over 500lbs at several points in his career. Hopefully, Show’s new lifestyle will have him feeling good enough for one final run heading into Wrestlemania and even more importantly, a healthier life once he steps out of the ring.