The road to WrestleMania 33 kicks into full gear later this month with WWE’s Royal Rumble, and the official poster for the anticipated event has been released. Unfortunately for one WWE Champion, it’s more of a “Where’s Waldo” situation.
The poster features heavy hitters up front like John Cena, The Undertaker, Goldberg, and Brock Lesnar, with a second row of Charlotte Flair, Roman Reigns, and Kevin Owens. If that list seems to be missing someone, well, you’d be right. Pro Wrestling Editor in Chief Ryan Satin shared the poster on Twitter with the caption “Is that Undertaker up in front? I can’t see.” – AJ Styles.” That’s because you can barely spot the WWE Heavyweight Champion as he’s sandwiched back in the fourth row on the far right-hand side. A red circle is included on the Tweet to help you better spot him.
Aside from being one of the premiere superstars in the company at the moment, he is currently Smackdown Live’s champion and is slated for a match against John Cena. Cena is right up front alongside Undertaker, so why is Styles way in the back? Actually, it seems that Smackdown Live got the shaft overall, as everyone up in the front two rows aside from Cena is either a product of Monday Night RAW or part time.
You would think the Royal Rumble was a RAW event from the way it’s presented. If Styles does eventually clash with The Undertaker (as has been rumored), hopefully, that poster will put a bigger spotlight on him. You can view the poster in the gallery.
WWE’s Royal Rumble takes place on the WWE Network on January 29th.