The Walking Dead Season 7 has been tough on everyone. Ask Fat Joey.
Sunday night’s midseason finale was particularly tough for a few characters who made it out alive, though. Namely, Aaron took one hell of a beating before The Walking Dead came to a close for 2016, but was fortunate enough to survive. He wasn’t, however, fortunate enough to come home unscathed.
Not only did Aaron survive a run in (or dive in) with the undead in the middle of a lake as he and Rick set out to grab a stash of guns but he had to face the Saviors upon entering the gates of Alexandria. When they found the note the dead man whose houseboat Rick and Aaron found, they were none-too-pleased with what they thought was a jab at their precious ego.
Aaron received quite a beating as a result.
Now, Ross Marquand has shared a behind-the-scenes photo from thsoe days on set which saw him covered in bloody make up after the tough beating.
Marquand has been with The Walking Dead since Season 5. His Aaron character has been put through several tough times since joining the show, including run-ins with the Wolves, being trapped in a car surrounded by zombies, and witnessing Negan bash the skulls of Abraham and Glenn. Still, this photo seems to send home just how rough Alexandria has it at the moment. Aaron, one of the most welcoming and kind-hearted members of the community, was beaten as Rick watched.
It’s time to rise up in Season 7B, Alexandria!