Ezra Miller debuted as the fastest man alive in last year’s blockbuster team-up Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice. While Grant Gustin’s version of The Flash is already incredibly popular, the DC cinematic universe at Warner Bros was looking for a slightly different tone for the character.
Now that Miller’s turn in Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them is over, it looks like he’s packing on some muscle before The Flash starts filming.
Miller has always had more of a slender build, but some recent posts to Instagram show the actor looking more like a walking tree trunk.
The video above was posted on Thursday morning, and Miller is looking much bigger than he has in recent months. He was often seen doing press tours for Fantastic Beasts – just before the film’s November release – and he was no where near that big.
This photo shows two pictures of Miller. The first is during a Fantastic Beasts video in November, and the second was posted last week. Just looking at his arms in both pictures, it’s obvious that this guy is extremely dedicated to his job. He knows how hard he needs to work to portray The Flash, and Miller is putting in the hours.