As Justice League’s fall 2017 release date approaches, DC Comics fans are eager for any tease of iconic characters, artifacts or locations that may pop up in Zack Snyder DC superhero team up film.
One location that has been sort of, kind of, teased within the DCEU is Arkham Asylum, the infamous Gotham City treatment facility of the criminally insane. It was in Batman v Superman’s Ultimate Edition director’s cut that we learned that Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor was being purposefully sent to Arkham by Ben Affleck’s Batman, and a new rumor says that’s exactly where we’ll find Lex in Justice League.
Batman News points to both the reveals of the Ultimate Edition and a the Justice League IMDb page, which has “Arkham Guard,” “Arkham Guard 2,” and “Lex Luthor’s Guard,” all listed as roles in the film. It would make sense that Lex would still be incarcerated during the events of Justice League, which leads to another big piece of speculation:
Some early storyboards for Justice League revealed by Zack Snyder showed a scene where Lex supposedly meets with Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, and is the one responsible for putting him on Batman and/or The League’s trail. The scene admittedly looked like it took place in an office, but knowing Lex, that’s an arrangement he could definitely make happen within Arkham.
The other possibility is that Lex gets out of Arkham either by force, or legal manipulation. In the case of the former, Deathstroke would be a perfect means of escaping incarceration; in the case of the latter, Slade could be Lex’s first move after procurring his freedom.
That’s just our guess – what do you think? Will we see Arkham Asylum in Justice League? And what will be the context?