Every so often the WWE audience likes to remind the company about a certain departed superstar who didn’t leave under the best of terms.
That would be none other than CM Punk, who left the company to go fight in UFC. His departure from WWE was a constant source of drama for months, as Punk shared his grievances with the company through the media, including problems with their healthcare and medical process, unkept promises, and always being the odd man out backstage.
Alex Riley, who has had his share of starts and stops with the company, recently discussed Punk and his complaints on the latest episode of The Ross Report. Riley doesn’t really seem to have much sympathy, though (via IWNerd).
“I don’t understand, and I didn’t really keep up with much of the complaints. I know there was something about a medical thing or something, but that’s the gig, that is what you signed up for. I don’t know what he ended up making because that wasn’t disclosed, but he ended up making a lot. If somebody is going to pay me over a million, or it doesn’t matter, but I think if you’re making that kind of money, if you are breathing you are working”
Like many WWE superstars, Riley has had to fight for his spot most of his career. It stands to reason then that he would look at the opportunities that Punk was given as reason enough not to leave the way he did.
“I was begging for somebody to give me work, I mean begging. Asking people everyday, why am I not being used? Why can’t I do this, and never really getting an answer, so only receiving the runaround, so to hear him push for other opportunities and get it, and then exit in the fashion he exited, I don’t know, I can’t sympathize with that because I wouldn’t do that, I don’t know the details of what he went through, but who knows”
Punk always seemed to feel that he wasn’t treated as a top guy in the company, but then again there are those who would have loved to take his place.