Being cast as Batman in a major motion picture is one of the most iconic roles (and high pressure) roles an actor can fin themselves in. Right now, Ben Affleck has taken on the responsibility of portraying on the Caped Crusader.
Afflecks long time good friend, Matt Damon, has gone on record to say he is not particularly interested in playing a super hero but Affleck is singing a different tune about his Good Will Hunting co-star. If you listen to what the new Bruce Wayne has to say, Damon actually craves a role like Batman.
“He’s very bitter,” Affleck joked to Travers. “All he gets to do is Jason Bourne. Just keeps doing it again and again. We get it.”
Affleck didn’t stop his laughable jabs at Damon there. “He’s had his share,” Affleck added, referencing Damon’s career. “I got We Bought a Zoo on a loop in the house.”
Still, after all of the jokes, Affleck admits he values his friendship with Damon after all of these years. “Being friends and having a guy to go through all that stuff with,” Affleck said. “To have a relationship and have a sense of humor about it, it’s crucial.”
Affleck is so busy at the moment it’s surprising he has time to make jokes. His The Batman movie was confirmed for a Fall of 2018 release date on Wednesday, which he is currently writing before starring in, directing, and executive producing the movie which starts production in the spring. He wrapped production of the first Justice League film just a couple of months ago.
As for Damon, he would come to the world of comic book movies only if the world was right. While promoting The Great Wall at New York Comic Con in October, Damn caught up with backstage at the movie’s panel and talked a bit about the possibilities of playing a super hero or villain.
“Ben and I grew up reading [Daredevil]. That was our guy,” Damon said. “That was the comic I read and they’ve done it.”
“I probably still have, in my mom’s basement, a lot of those old comics. I really did love that character,” Damon said. “The comic book fans would know better than me if there’s a cool character that I could come and play. Maybe I could call Kevin Smith and ask him if there’s anything out there.”